XYMotion™ President Steve McLean on House Hunters International
March 7, 2020
When Steve and his family decided to expand operations of our sister company - WP Manufacturing - they packed up their (10!) kids and moved south to Mexico. House Hunters documented the move, and gave a rare glimpse into the mind of an aerospace engineer. What the show didn't reveal is that a week before the move, WP Manufacturing was devastated by the flooding in Colorado in 2013. If not for the guidance of the Lord, volunteers from Rocky Mountain Christian Church, and support of our local community (Colorado SBDC, Longmont Economic Development Partnership, and FEMA), WP and XYMotion™ may not exist today. But, we've risen from the depths of the flood and we're extremely proud to be able to give back to the community that has helped us rebound from the flood. Will Steve pony up for the big house to please his wife and family or will his analytical mind hold him to the more affordable option?