Selecting a ForkCrane

Forkcrane Construction Yard on Telehandler
1) Up and down only, or do you need lateral motion too?
We have two types of ForkCrane in which to choose. The Z models, that lift a load up and down using a remote control, and the ZX models which move a load up and down, but also can precisely “slide” the load north-south or east-west. Both the Z and the ZX slip over the forks of your fork truck, and are battery operated so they need no other connections. Just push the button on your wireless remote and you have instant crane functionality.
ForkCrane on Telehandler in Construction Yard
2) What lift capacity do you need?
It is important to be accurate here. The larger the capacity, the more the ForkCrane will weigh, and the more the ForkCrane weighs, the more it will decrease the total load capacity of your fork truck. It is usually better to pick a ForkCrane model that could handle a load 20% larger than you expect, but not with so much margin that the derated capacity of your lift is negatively effected.
Forkcrane on Lift Truck
3) Understand your truck and OSHA derating guidelines for using a ForkCrane
It is not difficult, but very important to understand and derate your fork truck appropriately for any attachment. Just because your fork truck is rated for 4000lb, and the ForkCrane you selected is rated for 4000lb as well, that does not mean the combination will meet your 4000lb expectations. Feel free to contact one of our applications engineers for help with derating guidelines. OSHA required derating stickers are supplied with each purchase of ForkCrane to ensure compliance with derating regulations.
ForkCrane on ForkLift in Rental Site
ForkCrane Manufacturing Facility Mold Lifting
4) Make your order
You can call us directly, or submit your order online. Once in the queue, and your deposit is recieved, your unit will be shipped to you the following week (if in stock), or it will be put into production immediately (usually runs between 8-12 weeks for new builds). Custom units are also available. Every unit comes with a link to ForkCrane training and a two year parts warranty (excluding lifting straps, ropes and batteries). All you need arrives on a single pallet, and comes charged and ready to be put to use in less than 15 minutes.