Vertical Lift

Vertical Lift

Raise & Lower

Crane Functionality from a Telehandler!

Using a wireless remote, raise and lower your load, with the convenience of being able to leave the cockpit for a better view.

ForkCrane Vertical Lift means:

  • Reduced Crane Rentals
  • Tighter Control
  • Increased Safety
  • Less Damage
  • Faster Operations
  • Rechargeable Overnight

Add more functionality to your on-site forklift, Bobcat or telehandler!

Need precision placement capabilities? See our Precision Shift models. Same as our Vertical Lift model, with additional precise lateral load shifting capabilities.


Model Lead Time
2400Z8 Weeks
3800Z12 Weeks
4400Z11 Weeks
6800Z12 Weeks
8800Z10 Weeks